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Who we are

The Península de Setúbal Regional Vine and Wine Commission (CVRPS) was formed as an inter professional association of private law in 1991. Since then, it has had as its main objective to guarantee the origin, quality and authenticity of the wines, while promoting them along with the wine heritage of the region.

One of the requirements for Portugal to enter into the European Union in 1986 led to the restructuring of the designation of wines, established through the Framework Law of Viticulture and Viniculture regions n. 8/85 of 4 June.

In less than a decade, new statutes were published for the wine areas of Arrábida and Palmela and the status of the region of the Moscatel de Setúbal was revised, which began to use the name Setúbal DO. In 1992, the framework for the Ordinance of the Vinho Regional (Regional Wine) of the Terras do Sado area was published, covering the entire district of Setúbal. In 1997, the Arrabida wine area was dissolved and became integrated into Palmela.

In 2004, the Decree-Law No. 212 was published, which began the so-called "Institutional Reform of the Wine Sector", in parallel with a major restructuring of the Institute of Vine and
Wine. The Regional Vine and Wine Commissions also underwent significant changes to their operation, and an accreditation by the IPAC (NP EN 45011) became mandatory.
The Tasting Boards also saw their operations become more demanding, with auditing. The "Viticulture and Viniculture Products Certification Body of DO and IG " was also added to the usual designation of the CVR.

The CVRPS pioneered this process, being one of the first Certification Bodies to emerge in Portugal (Decree 614/2008 of 11 July) and having the C0014 IPAC (Portuguese Accreditation Institute) Accreditation number.

In 2009 the CVRPS statutes were amended in accordance with the Decree-LawL 212/2004 and the Production and Trade of Setúbal Designations of Origin Setúbal (Moscatel de Setúbal and Moscatel Roxo) and Palmela, and Geographical Indication (Vinho Regional -Regional Wine) for the Península de Setúbal (Terras do Sado was the previous name of the Geographical Indication ) enactments were updated.
The respective ordinance were published in July 2009.

The CVRPS is thus the Certification Body for the Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Roxo (DO), Palmela (DO) and Península de Setúbal (GI) wines.