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Mission and Statutes

The Península de Setúbal Regional Vine and Wine Commission's main mission is to defend the Setúbal and Palmela DO and the Península de Setúbal GI, as well as the application of their respective regulations, the promotion and control of the wines produced in the respective geographical areas whilst ensuring its origin, genuineness and quality.

For this to happen, it is necessary to have a strict control of the production process of wine as well as a efficient certification and efficient commercial promotion.

The control of the origin and quality of Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Roxo, Palmela and Setúbal Peninsula wines is carried out through a careful and thorough process:

• The registration of all parcels of vineyards, voluntarily registered, and the examination to determine that they are suitable for the production of grapes that will output the wines mentioned above.


• Economic agents who intend to produce or commercialize products that are entitled to the Setúbal DO, Palmela DO or Península de Setúbal GI designation must correctly fill out the CVR 4.009.1 for the Economic Agent Identification and the Request for Registration as an Economic Agent, with the identification of their premises.

• Following registration, an inspection is performed on the registered premises and a report issued. A copy of this report will be sent to the Economic Agent with the information on whether the premises have been approved or not.

Inspections are made of the wineries during harvest time, in order to ascertain whether the legal requirements are being followed through, concerning the reception and vinification of the products entitled to the Setúbal DO, Palmela DO and Península de Setúbal GI designations.

During the wine year, the CVRPS will make the necessary controls and may have access to all documentation that allows them to verify the compliance with the established precepts, which are based in the EU and national legislation.

To carry out official controls, a wine sampling and a physical-chemical analysis is done in a laboratory that is accredited and recognized by Portugal and the European Union.

A completely anonymous sensory analysis is done in a laboratory which has been tested and trained for this specific purpose.

Certifying competence in the promotion of wines is also one of the duties and a priority of the CVRPS.

The CVRPS, as a private, non-profit, inter-professional association binds all its activity to the Certification, defense and promotion of the Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Roxo and Palmela Designations of Origin, Península de SEtúbal Geographic Indication wines, thus promoting and defending all economic agents whose product range includes wines from the Setúbal Peninsula.

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