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Palmela DO

Palmela DO

This geographical area that corresponds to the Palmela DO has been regulated since 1989. It covers the same area as the Setúbal DO, thus including the municipalities of Setúbal, Palmela, Montijo, and the Castelo parish in the Sesimbra municipality.
The production of the smooth red wines of the Palmela DO includes at least two thirds of the Castelão grape varietal, known in the region as Periquita, in the must. With deep roots in sandy plains, the Castelão vineyards are naturally adapted to the terrain and it is in this terroir that Castelão expresses all of its fullness. The resulting wines have a balanced natural acidity and mature tanins. These wines are characterized by their aromas and flavors of cherry, acorn, pine nut, gooseberry and raspberry.


In the production of the soft whites of the Palmela DO wines, the Fernão Pires, Moscatel de Setúbal and Arinto grapes are the most predominantly used of the allowed varietals. While the first two contribute a stunning aroma of tropical fruits, the Arinto variety grants a solid, lasting freshness, thus ensuring white wines with a good structure and floral aroma that is both insinuating and very atractive.

Palmela DO is also certified in the production of rosé, sparkling, frizzante and fortified wines.

+ Legislation Palmela DO
+ Legislation Palmela DO